Oxford IT Support


When it works, it is wonderful, but sometimes new technology really gets in the way of getting your jobs done. We hope that with our assistance you can make the best use of your tech, overcoming any computer problem, making technology work for you – instead of the other way around. We help small businesses, freelancers, home workers, teachers and domestic computer users.

Can we help you?

We hope that you will contact us before disaster strikes, though the fact is most people call while in the middle of a computer problem. So here is a quick rundown of the kind of IT support we can offer you:

Ooops! My computer wasn’t as secure as I thought…

security-icon75We can help you with virus, rogue-antivirus, malware, and spyware removal, as well as with recovery of your data from many ransomware situations. Obviously this is easier if you have a backup of your data, but if you have not got any backup we can still help in most cases. As well as the cure, there is prevention. We can help you firm-up your security without burdening your computer with too many applications that will slow it down. We can show you things to watch out for that will help you either prevent or get on top of threats before they do any damage.

Vanished! Is my data gone for good?

binned-icon75And by “data” we mean anything… those deleted precious photos, the book you’ve been working on, the file that is there but won’t open. This can be caused by anything from a system crash, to a hard disk failure, or just by clicking ‘OK’ to something you shouldn’t have. Either way we have ways of getting your data back.

No longer connected

broadband-icon75Sometimes emails just won’t send. Or they don’t arrive. Perhaps you’ve mucked up your settings or are endlessly having to reset your passwords. We have seen it many times and will help you to communicate once more.  And we will assist you if your problem is more fundamental: perhaps no internet at all… which is why we still advertise in the local paper.Broken-icon75

Broken, but not beyond repair

PC repair, mac repair, tablet repair, etc. Yes, we do that too. Let us know what happened and what you need fixing.

Broken, so time to move on

newPC-icon75Whether it is really broken or just too old to be fixed economically, we can help you move your data and settings to a new device. PC or mac, let’s get you set up on something new that won’t slow you down. (But look before you leap if you are thinking of getting a Windows 8 computer. Ask us about alternatives!)

speedy-icon75Keeping things clean, lean and mean

We can clean your computers and keep them clean. We can even monitor them remotely, if you want, and warn you when something need putting right. Whether it is your only business computer, or a studio of critical PCs, macs or servers, we can monitor and report their performance, as well as maintain them for £15/computer/month. Or if you just want a yearly or occasional spring clean we can do your computer MOT & service for £45.

New lease of life

reuse-icon75We are also very keen for you not to throw out your old PCs or macs just because they seem slow. OK, their systems are too old to be secure and they struggle with media-heavy websites. But a new lease of life can be given to old hardware by a new operating system. We can help you install a free non-Windows operating system whether you are going to use your old hardware for a file server, a gaming machine for the kids or a media box attached to your TV.